No win no fee lawyers warn against winter injuries

Personal injury lawyers who specialise in no win no fee claims have recently come forward with warnings concerning the kinds of injuries people commonly sustain during the dark, wet, and cold winter months.

The winter season is rapidly approaching, and with its wet weather, snow, frost, and darker nights, we can also expect that the dangers of accidentally slipping and tripping due to icy conditions will increase, personal injury claims experts warn.  The winter season tends to see more such claims occur, these experts say, because of changing weather conditions.

Ice or snow can cause any number of problems for all users of the road no matter how long or short the journey might be.  However, it’s quite often the unexpected dangers of snowy and wet weather that can result in injuries, and these dangers can be as seemingly innocent as coming indoors with your shoes still wet.

Doormats can be left slippy and wet from snowy or rainy weather, as well as the floor surface surrounding them.  Even the most clueless Brit will stop to wipe off their feet after coming in out of the cold and damp, but few will have the presence of mind to check whether the doormat or its environs is over-saturated already, and wet shoes that meet marble or tiled floors can be a slip or trip waiting to happen – especially since most people will try to move as quickly as possible out of the rain and snow.

Keep an eye out on these doormats, experts say, in order to avoid slipping and suffering an unfortunate accident in your eagerness to get inside a warm house or place of business.

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