Are no win no fee legal claims as bad as people say?

It’s no surprise to anyone that the amount of criticism that the personal injury claims industry has come under, especially over the past few years as the number of accident claims have rocketed despite a drop in the overall number of accidents – many people blame the proliferation of the ‘no win no fee’ legal claim, but is its advent really to blame for the mess we’re in right now?

Secretary Clarke makes formidable legal aid bill concessions

Justice secretary Kenneth Clarke recently announced that those victimised by domestic violence will not lose access to legal aid in order to provide no win no fee lawyers in civil cases they bring against civil partners.

Supreme Court says insurers responsible for asbestos cases

Personal injury compensation cases concerning asbestos-related illnesses such as mesothelioma are the responsibility of the insurer at the initial time of asbestos exposure regardless of the vagaries of an insurance policy’s wording, the Supreme Court recently said, removing years of doubt and uncertainty concerning the issue.

New no win no fee rules ‘wrong and unfair’

Proposed changes to the way no win no fee legal claims work in libel and privacy cases would leave ordinary citizens having to deal with rules that are both ‘wrong and unfair,’ according to a libel reform campaigner group.

Secretary sues no win no fee claims service for injuries

In an ironic twist of events, a no win no fee claims management firm finds themselves a defendant in a personal injury case where a secretary fell down some office stairs, suffering a broken wrist.

Equestrian enthusiasts warned against no win no fee claims

Equestrian enthusiasts such as livery yards, riding schools, and riders have all been warned against no win no fee claims, with one legal firm stating that proper liability insurance must be in place to avoid costly personal injury compensation claims.

Cameraman may make work accident claim for fall from height

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a film production company for the injuries suffered by a cameraman suffered from a fall from height on a movie set, with his injuries being severe enough for the injured employee to consider making a work accident claim for damages.

PM pledges to cut back on work accident claim legal fees

Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a pledge to scale back on the fees lawyers charge in work accident claim cases against employers in an effort to prune back the so-called ‘compensation culture’ in the UK.

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