Agency worker loses fingers at Shropshire farm

One agency worker lost his fingers in a grisly incident at work at a Shropshire farm, according to work accident claim experts familiar with his case.

Craven Arms native Stuart Tomlins, aged twenty six, had been working in Hughley’s Town Cottage Farm on a firewood processing machine at the time of the incident.  The man’s personal injury claims indicate that his hand became entangled in the mechanism of the machine as he was attempting to straighten a twisted log within the splitting chute of the machine.

Mr Tomlins sustained life changing injuries in the incident, as the cutting blade of the machine came into contact wit his right hand, resulting in for fingers and a thumb becoming severed.  Surgical experts attempted to re-attach the injured man’s severed digits after he was rushed to hospital by air ambulance, but had only limited success in their endeavour, as only Mr Tomlins’ thumb was able to be saved, and the injured worker is still being treated for his injuries.

An investigation into the accident claim by the Health and Safety Executive discovered that the control lever of the machine had been forced at some time, which allowed the machine to operate with the safety guard for the splitting chute open.  Mr Tomlins, who had only been a farm employee for a handful of weeks, was bereft of any prior experience and had been given inadequate training on how to use the firewood processor.

Meanwhile, the owner of the farm, Righard Griffith, was given a fine of £14,000 for his role in the horrific accident that befell Mr Tomlins.  Mr Griffith was also held responsible for paying court costs totaling £8,500.Farmer Richard Griffiths, of Town Cottage Farm, Hughley, was fined £14,000 with a total of £8,500 in court costs after admitting a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act, following an appearance at Shrewsbury Magistrates’ Court.

Many employees who suffer life changing injuries in the workplace through no fault of their own, go on to make successful work accident compensation claims.

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