Warwickshire boy wins medical negligence compensation case

One Warwickshire boy has recently achieved a £900,000 personal injury compensation award for the amputation of his left leg due to an instance of medical negligence, according to legal experts.

Bedworth native Leo Ison, six years of age, had been only three weeks old when medical staff informed his parents that Leo’s left leg from below the knee needed to be surgically removed.    Ian and Fiona Ison were incensed at the negligence of staff at the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, claiming that little Leo could have only lost his toes if a blood clot had been spotted earlier by the hospital’s medical professionals, leading to a massive £900,000 compensation payout for the family from the NHS Trust for Leicester University Hospitals.

One trust spokesperson commented on the results of the case, stating that they were pleased to have been able to arrange terms with the family that had met with court approval.  The spokesperson also offered best wishes to both Leo and his mother and father in the future.

In the wake of the court decision, Leo’s family released a statement remarking that they can now go in search of a new, more accessible home for Leo where he can have the provision of his own wet room and no longer need to worry about navigating stairs.  Both Leo’s mother and father also said that a portion of the compensation award can now be used to pay for a needed operation for their son from a private health provider, eliminating the need to have the boy wait for the NHS to authorise the young child’s sorely needed surgical procedure.

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