Council worker wins £4,600 in personal injury compensation

One council worker has recently won a £4,600 personal injury compensation award from his employers after he slipped and suffered a personal injury on the job that led to a work accident claim.

Wokingham Borough Council, the injured man’s employers, were also responsible for the legal costs associated with the accident claim, which led the entire sum to be paid to be a total of £9,000.  However, this was found to not be an isolated incident in regards to council workers.

Wokingham Borough Council has had to deal with nearly 30 incidents since 2008 that involved council staff and slips, trips, and falls, according to official figures.  A trio of these council workers were so seriously injured that they had been rushed to hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations Act went into effect on four of these incidents because those council workers who were injured were in excess of three days away from their positions as a result of their injuries.  The lion’s share of injuries were due to uneven floors, loose of frayed carpet, wet floors, ice, and snow.

Last year resulted in the Government’s Health and Safety Executive becoming involved in as many as 14 incidents and injuries of council staff members. Out of the three council staff that were injured seriously, all of them were initially injured by slips, trips and falls. The executive committee for Wokingham Burough Council approved the 2010-2011 Health and Safety yearly report that ruled no enforcement actions were to be taken against the local authority for being in breach of fire or health and safety regulations.

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