Paralysed woman wins £250k interim personal injury compensation

After she received a £250,000 interim personal injury compensation award, one woman has finally been able to leave hospital in the wake of an RTA that left her nearly completely paralysed.

According to the details of her car accident claim, Megumi Wilson, twenty six years of age, sustained life-changing injuries after she was struck by a hit and run driver while she was crossing Wye Bridge Street in Monmouth.  Because of the severity of her injuries, which necessitate her receiving 24 hour a day care, Ms Wilson has not left hospital in five years.

The uninsured driver of the vehicle, Gloucestershire native John Dummett, is now currently incarcerated to serve out a prison sentence after he fled from the scene of the accident.  Mr Dummett also set his car on fire in an attempt to dispose the evidence of the collision.

Ms Wilson, who is so severely paralysed that her only form of communication is through blinking her eyelids, has been a patient in Llandaff, Cardiff’s Rookwood Hospital for the past five years.  The injured woman has been seeking personal injury compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau, which was set up in order to provide compensation to any accident victims injured by motorists who did not have insurance at the time of the accident.

The claim has not yet reached a settlement, though legal experts predict the final damages award may be in the multiple millions of pounds.  However, a High Court Judge has ordered that a £250,000 interim payment be made in order to make it possible for Ms Wilson to finally leave hospital and move into a private home in Monmouth.

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