AJAG speaks out on personal injury claims reforms

The Access to Justice Action Group has spoken out on the personal injury claims reforms that the Association of British Insurers has been campaigning for, taking a strong stance against the ABI and the UK insurance industry.

Andrew Dismore, co-coordinator for AJAG, attacked the ABI as an organisation devoted to aggressively blaming the government, the public, and personal injury lawyers for the increasing price of insurance premiums, while instead they are the guilty party.  Insurers are attempting to be their own judge and jury, accused Mr Dinsmore, stating that the current accident claims system both protects claimants and also makes sure they end up receiving what they are entitled to, despite insurers’ desires to pay out much less.

The ABI has been promoting reforms proposed by the government which will have a deleterious affect on 600,000 people’s access to justice yearly, declared Mr Dismore.  Claimants are being made out to be the big losers in this new equation, with insurers and their shareholders set to win big, as there will be a projected 25 per cent drop in the number of genuine claims.

Both the government and the ABI wish to abolish the current no win no fee personal injury system because of its prevalent use in accident claims, yet it is used quite widely in a number of different sectors, said the AJAG co-coordinator.  The abolition of the no win no fee system will affect a wide range of claimants, including breach of privacy victims, those seeking to recover debts, small businesses, consumers, whistleblowers, victims of environmental damage, people seeking judicial review of official decisions thought to be unfair, and several others, just because the ABI wishes to increase profitability to car insurance companies, accused Mr Dismore.

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