East London worker makes work accident claim for burns

One East London worker has made a work accident claim against his employers, a construction company in North London, after he sustained serious burns during the course of his duties.

The construction worker, aged 35 years, whose name has not been made known to the media on account of privacy concerns, had been employed at Pineview Interiors, Ltd, as a sub-contractor on an Islington construction project in Leonard Street at the time of the incident, accident claim experts say.  Tasked with installing plaster board, the worker had to remove an electrical supply that had been temporarily set in place at the construction site, but as he had climbed up a step ladder to remove the electrical cable with a chisel and hammer, his chisel pierced the cable, sending him back in an electrical explosion that knocked him to the ground and set his clothing ablaze.

The man’s personal injury claims include burns covering one third of his entire body from the incident.  Following the work accident, he was rushed to hospital, where the injured worker now faces surgical skin graft procedures and associated rehabilitation that can take two years at minimum to completely run their course.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive investigated Pineview Interiors Ltd after the inicident, discovering that the construction firm had not rune adequate checks on whether there was live electricity coursing through cable.  The firm instead made the incorrect assumption that the old electrical cable was old and redundant because it had belonged to an older, pre-existing installation.

As a result of their mistake, Pineview Interiors was given a fine of £10,000 and ordered to pay £4,183 in court costs at the City of London Magistrates’ Court after they admitted to breaching Health and Safety at Work regulations.

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