Cyclist hit by truck, injured in RTA, wins accident claim

After being hit by a truck and injured in an RTA, one cyclist has recently won his accident claim for a multi million pound payout.

Police constable Alexander Kotula, from London Colney, in Hertfordshire, had been struck by the lorry after he fell from his cycle in the wake of encountering electrical works on a narrow roadway in St Albans’ Park street, personal injury claims specialists familiar with his case recently commented.

Mr Kotula, aged twenty seven, sustained severe internal injuries in the collision.  The police constable also suffered serious debilitating damage to his spine in the incident that has left him completely dependent on a wheelchair for mobility – the man’s doctors are sceptical in Mr Kotula’s ability to regain the use of his legs.

Mr Kotula recently received a personal injury compensation award from the High Court in London for a £2.5 million lump sum.  The injured man will also regularly receive index-linked payments on an annual basis in order to help cover the costs of his care and his earnings losses.

Those responsible for the road works that led to the cyclist’s injuries, EDF Energy Networks PLC and their two contractors, admitted responsibility for the the incident in the wake of the High Court being told how the electrical works had no safety zone or warning signs to shield the public against traffic that passed by.  The area in which the electrical works were being carried out was on a very busy road, the High Court was also told.

EDF Energy had initially claimed that Mr Kotula’s negligence played a role in the accident, which would have led him to be partially responsible for the injuries he sustained.  However, Judge Simon Brown QC rejected this argument completely.

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