Dangerous town centre junction will continue to have RTAs

After local highways bosses announced they will not be carrying out any work, one dangerous Lutterworth town centre junction will most likely continue to be a hotbed of RTA activity, accident claims specialists recently reported.

Lutterworth Town Council saw fit to appeal for an improvement to the traffic lights at the end of Bitteswell Road and Coventry Road after several accidents that led to motor accident claims.  Arguing that motorists who turned right into Bitteswell Road sometimes neglected to realise that they had to give way before Coventry Road’s oncoming traffic, the town council requested a filter light to be permanently added to the location.

However, highways officers informed the Town Council recently that they were declining to take action after visiting the site, despite the high number of road accidents that had taken place at the junction throughout the past five years.  Cllr Clive Weston remarked that the number of accidents is even higher, as any accidents at the junction that did not result in personal injury claims would go unreported.

Cllr Bill Piper also commented, stating that it wouldn’t be long before someone was slain at the junction.  While the councilor appreciated the lack of funds for placing new filter lights, besides repainting the white lines of the junction in order to make the rights-of-way and layout, there was little else the county council said it could do.

Cllr John Turner was critical of the reasoning behind proceeding any further with the discussion, though he did admit that there was a very real problem with the junction.   Adding that the council had asked the junction to be looked at twice now, the councilor remarked that he was unsure of how keen he was on spending increased officer time on the subject.

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