Construction worker suffers serious work accident

One construction worker’s recent work accident claim described how he was seriously injured when he received a massive electric shock at the hands of a concrete pump he was operating coming into contact with overhead power cables.

Gateshead native, John Dodsworth, had been working on behalf of Lumsden & Carroll Construction Ltd during the course of their renovations to the sewers located nearby Cockfield, Country Durham.  The details of his accident claim describe how he had been operating a concrete pump, which was involved in the use of casting sewer chamber lids by pouring concrete into a chamber lid mold.

The pump’s twelve metre long boom came into contact with power cables strung overhead as Mr Dodsworth manoeuvred the pump.  As a result, Mr Dodsworth received a massive 22,000 volt electric shock.

Mr Dodsworth’s injury claims from his electrocution include both severe external and internal burns which required several operations and skin grafts.  Additionally one surgical procedure was performed to remove part of Mr Dodsworth’s skull as well.

The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted the man’s employers, located in Durham’s Bowburn North Industrial Estate.  The firm now faces fines of  £5,000 with an additional £3,600 in costs after a Darlington Magistrates’ Court hearing.

Additionally Mr Dodsworth’s employer and the man who hired out the equipment, James Kennedy, were also subject to fines and fees.  Mr Kennedy was assigned a fine of  £2,000.  He was also ordered to pay slightly more than £1,800 in court costs.

Mr Dodsworth has been left badly scarred and in constant pain since the accident.  Sources close to the construction worker have indicated that he may be preparing a personal injury compensation claim sometime soon.

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