New campaign hopes to reduce motor accident claims by shock

A new anti-reckless driving campaign hopes to reduce the incidence of car accident claims by shocking its audience in its use of posed pupils in mock-ups of accidents.

In order to highlight how dangerous speeding and parking outside schools can be, several fake accidents were mocked up using real emergency services in the Carmarthenshire town of Llanelli.

The tableaux will be turned into postcards and posters to be left on the windscreens of any cars parked badly nearby area schools as a reminder that the prospect of being contacted by a personal injury lawyer is not the only consequence of a bad car accident.

Organisers of the campaign specifically decided to use pupils local to the area in order to stress that motorists could be more than just risking whiplash from an accident but could be endangering the lives of children they knew personally.

Along with Communities First, the campaign entilted “Don’t let it be you” was organised by Tyisha and Glanymor Communities Action Group.

Pupils from Bigyn Primary, Copperworks Infant, and Coedcae Comprehensive schools all took part in the project.

Llanelli Photographic Society’s Graham Harries snapped images of the children after a professional make-up artist added grisly touches to the children as they laid prone on the road.

Firefighters, paramedics, and police all were on hand to take part in the campaign.  The road safety unit for Carmarthenshire was also in attendance.

In order to stage the accidents, the authorities closed down several roads.

Joanne Yeo, spokeswoman for the action group, stated that issues regarding road safety nearby local schools were a hot-button issue ad several monthly meetings.

The project, Ms Yeo stated, was all about using places and faces easily recognisable to local residents in order to highlight how important a concern road safety is for the community.

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