93% of Brits support government clampdown on whiplash claims

An overwhelming majority of Brits are completely fed up with the personal injury compensation sector, with a massive 93 per cent supporting any government clampdown on accident claims involving whiplash, a new survey recently discovered.

Insurers and GPs call for new governmental whiplash guidelines

A coalition of insurers and GPs have recently called for new governmental guidelines on the diagnosis of whiplash and other associated disorders in order to combat the personal injury compensation culture that has been growing in the UK.

Car accident claim backfires, results in £9k legal bill

After their whiplash compensation claim backfired, three scaffolders and their employer, who had filed a car accident claim in the wake of a 1 mph road shunt that had damaged their lorry and injured them, were slapped with a £9,ooo legal bill.

Whiplash most commonly exaggerated personal injury claim

The results are in: according to a survey of 250 GPs, whiplash has been classified as the most commonly exaggerated personal injury claim made by patients to their insurance companies.

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