Car accident claim leads to £11k compensation payout

A road accident claim made by a seriously injured grandfather from Chelmsford following being struck from his bicycle by a hit and run driver has resulted in a payout of £11,000 in personal injury compensation, legal experts recently reported.

Berkshire man seeks £300k in road accident claim

One man from Berkshire has made a road accident claim for £300,000 after he sustained severe personal in jury when the car in which he was travelling collided with a wall, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

ABI says new OFT investigation could lead to reforms

A new investigation into personal injury claims stemming from car accidents being conducted by the Office of Fair Trading could lead to an opportunity to institute reforms to the legal system, the Association of British Insurers recently said.

Insurers and GPs call for new governmental whiplash guidelines

A coalition of insurers and GPs have recently called for new governmental guidelines on the diagnosis of whiplash and other associated disorders in order to combat the personal injury compensation culture that has been growing in the UK.

Government vows to cut fees paid in car accident claims

The government has recently taken a vow to reduce the fees paid to personal injury solicitors for injury cases such as car accident claims as the campaign continues to eradicate spurious and costly claims that lead to higher insurance premiums.

Personal injury compensation reforms could hurt hospitals

The new proposals for changing the personal injury compensation laws in the UK could have an unforeseen affect on hospitals in Leicester, as they could lose out on cash for patient treatments, experts say.

OFT launches investigation into insurance increases

The insurance industry, who has long since blamed rising premium prices on the so-called ‘compensation culture’ fostered by no win no fee accident claims, is under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading to determine the root causes of the issue.

£300k in personal injury compensation sought by victim

At least £300,000 in personal injury compensation is being sought by one man from Sheffield after he was left partially disabled while disembarking from a bus, leaving him to bring a car accident claim against the parties involved in the incident.

Changing clocks could result in more car accident claims

Injury solicitors in Scotland have recently raised concerns that the government’s current plan to change the clocks to bring an hour of sunlight later into the evening could end up causing more car accident claims.

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