£3,775 in compensation for slip-and-trip at local Asda

A total of £3,775 in personal injury compensation has been paid to one shopper after her slip-and-trip at her local Asda supermarket left her with a serious ankle injury, according to the Hull Daily Mail newspaper.

Cindy Thompson, twenty four years old, had been shopping in East Hull’s Mount Plesant store when she tripped over some metal studs that were protruding from the floor, a remnant of the store’s recent refurbishment. The Hull, East Yorkshire native was rushed to hospital immediately following the incident, where it was determined by medical staff that a ligament in her ankle had torn; prior to the accident, Ms Thompson had been moving through the store before she tripped suddenly and sprawled against the trolley she had been pushing at the time, only to be struck by debilitating pain in her ankle – an ‘extremely helpful’ Asda staff member assisted her while she remained at the store until she could be taken to hospital, she added.

Ms Thompson decided to launch a personal injury claim against the store after she took legal advice. She was given a £3,775 compensation award for her pain and suffering.

All supermarkets and shops have a duty of care towards their customers and any other members of the public that may come inside, said one member of the injured woman’s legal team in a statement after the compensation award was made. Asda was unavailable for comment at the time of the publication of the news article.

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