Northampton woman receives £50k in compensation

One woman from Northampton recently prevailed on her medical negligence compensation claim winning a £50,000 personal injury compensation award after enduring a surgical procedure she did not need.

While it’s not nearly as much as the £4 million in compensation awarded for a similar medical negligence claim, the £50,000 goes to Claire Millward, a thirty seven year old Delapre native that had been told she needed a radical hysterectomy after being erroneously informed that her smear test revealed a form of cervical cancer that could only be treated through surgery. However, this was not the case whatsoever, and the woman – a mother of one who had been hoping for a larger family someday – is now tragically unable to bear any more further children as a result of the hysterectomy.

Mrs Millward launched a medical negligence claim against the Northampton General Hospital, which admitted full liability for the misdiagnosis and needless medical procedure. The smear test’s results had been reported incorrectly, a hospital spokesperson remarked, which could have had a contributory affect on delaying the woman’s actual diagnosis of glandular neoplasia, which is an abnormality of the glandular cells.

The now tragically barren woman reported bursting into tears after being informed of the error in her diagnosis. Her life had been altered dramatically by the medical negligence of just a handful of people, Mrs Millward said, and the Northampton General Hospital agreed, apologising for the mistake and stating with assurance that their procedures have since been reviewed in order to prevent any reocurrence of such a terrible accident.

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