Multi-million pound negligence compensation for Londoner

One Londoner has recently been awarded a medical negligence compensation payment in the multiple millions of pounds after medical professionals missed her pneumonia diagnosis, it was recently revealed.

Morwenna Ganz, a twenty six year old native of Teddington, sustained serious brain damage twelve years ago after her worried parents took her to hospital.  Morwenna, who had slipped into a coma just prior to being admitted, had been examined at a St Marks Road, Teddington surgery by medical professionals who neglected to properly diagnose her pneumonia, instead believing she was simply fighting off a viral illness.

The young woman, with the the help of her parents, launched a personal injury compensation claim against the surgery’s doctors.  Morwenna’s legal team argued successfully that if her condition had been correctly diagnosed and been treated in a timely manner, the debilitating brain damage she suffered would never have occurred.

While the exact sum of Morwenna’s personal injury compensation payment has not been made public, the High Court in London agreed with the young woman’s legal team and saw fit to award her with a compensation package understood to be in the millions of pounds.  The money will be put to good use by Morwenna, as her injuries left her without the ability to communicate without the aid of sign language and a specially adapted computer; the young woman has plans to use the payment to fund the purchase of crucial equipment needed to improve her quality of life and to ensure that can afford the around-the-clock, twenty four hour a day care that she will need for however long she may live.

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