AA not raising rates after accidents with the uninsured

Your rates are safe, even if you end up in a costly traffic collision with an uninsured driver that necessitates you having to make a car accident claim, one insurer recently announced to its customers.

It simply won’t matter how much it will cost to repair your car, or even how much personal injury compensation you claim, AA Insurance said, as the insurance provider has committed to not penalising you by taking away your no-claims discount or any other bonuses if the other driver is uninsured.  The number of uninsured motorists in the UK is approaching epidemic levels, experts say, with 1 out of every 25 UK drivers getting behind the wheel without any insurance, which is much higher than in other European countries such as Germany or Sweden, where the ratio is a much higher 1 out of 500 or 1 out of 1000 respectively.

Simon Douglas, the director of AA Insurance, commented on the provider’s decision to come down on the side of its customers, remarking that it is simply not fair to penalise innocent drivers that become embroiled in accidents through no fault of their own.  Innocent motorists shouldn’t be penalised by losing their no-claim discount, as this could be much more financially crippling than any penalty the uninsured driver could possibly face, added Mr Douglas.

This could spell relief to many of the nation’s motorists who have had to suffer under massive premium price increases, which have been triggered by a burgeoning number of personal injury claims made by people involved in road traffic accidents.  Insurers say they are inundated by claims volumes, with the number of such claims increasing by around 70 per cent over the past few years.

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