Bedfordshire Police pay out £45k on work accident claims

The Bedfordshire Police Force has made personal injury compensation payments to the tune of £45,894 on several work accident claims that had been made by employees that had suffered injury in the course of their work, according to a freedom of information request.

One female Priority Crime Officer received the largest payment, as she was given £10,000 after falling and hitting her head after the backrest of her office chair failed, snapping in half.  Other successful accident claims include a £7,300 payment made to a crime investigation officer who fell down a flight of stairs when the stairwell’s handrail collapsed, and £5,000 being awarded to a police officer who lost their footing on a wet toilet floor and slipped.

Other incidents and compensation awards revealed by the freedom of information request are a £4,875 compensation payment being awarded to a public protection officer, who had been in attendance at an RAF base for a training course when he burned his hand, and a £2,052 award made to an emergency response officer who suffered injuries to his hand when he had been responding to a 999 call when he put it through a glass pane.

One Bedfordshire Police spokesperson commented on the payouts, remarking that accidents that occurred whilst staff members performed their duties were invariably investigated by the insurers for the force, with each case being considered on an individual basis.  If the insurer determines that compensation needs to be paid due to the force being liable, the payouts are made from the insurance reserve of the Bedfordshire Police, though the insurance policy will pay for any claims in excess of £100,000.

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