Migraine-plagued office worker wins £21k in compensation

One migraine-plagued office worker, who had constantly complained to her employer that the fluorescent lights in her place of work triggered the debilitating headaches, has recently won a £21,000 personal injury compensation award.

Personal injury claims experts say that Wrexham native Genevieve Bove, aged forty eight, had no choice but to resign from her position as an office worker after her insistent requests to change out the harsh lighting in her office, which caused her crippling migraines, fell on the deaf ears of her employers.

Ms Bove, who had been employed by the Association of Voluntary Organisations, a charitable organisation, at their Wrexham based headquarters at the time of the incident.  AVOR withstood charges of insufficient oversight of their paid officials at the Wrexham office by an employment tribunal, court documents report.

John Gallanders, head of the charitable organisation, repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the requests of Ms Bove, the tribunal was told.  Moreover, the AVOR chief stood accused of even engineering a meeting with Ms Bove in order to have a discussion about her legal claim by having the meeting in an office outfitted with the same fluorescent lights that he knew would bring on a migraine attack.

In the wake of the meeting, Ms. Bove then sought to launch an official grievance with the trustees of the charity against Mr Gallanders.  However, this grievance was handled incorrectly, which led Ms Bove to receiving a £21,177 personal injury compensation award for disability discrimination and constructive dismissal.

After the hearing that awarded her the compensation, Ms Bove made a statement to the media that the entire experience had done nothing so much as making her feel ill.  The former office worker also added that the situation, Speaking after the hearing Ms. Bove stated that the whole experience, which had been wholly unnecessary, could have been avoided by simply spending a few pounds to fit the office with a few replacement lights.

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