Labour MP criticises government for inaction on claims costs

Labour MP Stella Creasy has once again made her displeasure known with the government for their inaction when it comes to doing more to manage high costs incurred by no win no fee lawyers when it comes to medical negligence claims.

Medical negligence plays part in woman’s rampant growth

Medical negligence has played a part in one woman’s rampant growth after medical staff missed a tumour on her pituitary gland that caused her to grow to a massive 6 feet, 5 inches in height, though NHS officials and the woman’s personal injury solicitors have yet to come to an agreement on the amount of personal injury compensation she is entitled to.

Keep your head about you in the event of an accident

In the heat of a moment or right after a road traffic accident or a slip and trip, it can be hard to keep in mind the right things to do – but once you’ve made sure that you or anyone else involved in the accident is physically safe, experts say you’ve got some legal responsibilities to keep in mind – especially if you think you may be making or be involved in an accident claim.

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