Car accident claim victim wins personal injury compensation

One motor accident claim victim has been awarded the right to receive a personal injury compensation claim by the High Court after he was left with serious disabilities in a hit-and-run traffic accident claim.

Former carpenter Mr Daniel Ince had been in the middle of crossing an Ealing road in September of 2004 when he was struck by a passing motorist, reported the Ealing Gazette.

Mr Ince’s severe injuries were caused by what is thought to have been a BMW traveling in excess of the speed limit, which then failed to stop after colliding with him and knocking him to the ground.

Even six years after the initial accident, Mr Ince’s head injuries were so severe that he lives in a brain injury rehabilitation ward to this very day.  Mr Ince will most likely never be able to live without constant, around the clock care for the rest of his life.

Though it is true the motorist who struck Mr Ince failed to stop, a nearby firefighter had been able to identify the driver after giving testimony at the HIgh Court hearing.

Mr Ince filed a claim against the insurer of the unnamed motor vehicle operator with the help of Mary Phelan, his mother.  The motorist’s insurance company has since admitted three quarters liability for the accident.

After this admission of liability, Mr Ince is now entitled to what will most likely be a large figure in personal injury compensation.  In other cases where brain damage has occurred, the usual norm has been to award compensation in the millions of pounds.

In the event of you or someone you know becoming involved in an accident where the other party flees the scene, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau recently made the recommendation that all reasonable efforts should be made to take down the other car’s registration number.

Additionally in order to protect the victim in the future, any incidents that occur should be immediately reported to the authorities.

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