Medical negligence claims make for wary patients

Medical negligence solicitors have begun to take issue with the number of personal injury claims that have been occurring of late, stating that the manner in which they are portrayed by the media could result in patients demonstrate wariness when it comes time to be treated in hospital.

Personal injury claims could rocket in coming months

The incidence of personal injury claims may soon be set to rocket in the next few months in the wake of colder weather, many industry experts say; personal injury lawyers may very well be overwhelmed by a burgeoning number of claims from people who have fallen on the snow or ice and caused serious harm to themselves as a result.

Accident solicitor warns motorists on winter weather

As many of us are now travelling in the dark on our way to and from our places of work, and school-aged children will leave for their schools during the pre-dawn hours as well, one accident solicitor has warned motorists on the dangers of reduced visibility and other issues related to winter driving conditions.

Lord Young working to reduce personal injury claims

While Lord Young’s recently published report is filled with recommendations on ways to mitigate the fear of litigation that seems to permeate the business landscape in the UK, his efforts may reduce the number of people who have access to justice for their personal injury claims, one expert states.

Lawyers altering strategy amidst personal injury claims increase

Lawyers have begun to alter their strategy in how they approach personal injury claims, as both the workplace and automobile sectors have seen large instances of increases recently.

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