Accident claim award criminally low, says wounded soldier

A seriously injured soldier was awarded just £570,000 in personal injury compensation from the MoD, despite the permanent and life-changing severity of the injuries for which he filed his accident claim.

APIL takes legal action regarding lack of discount rate review

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers recently announced it has plans to take legal action for the Lord Chancellor’s failure to review the discount rate after promising one would be forthcoming in November of 2010.

Personal injury claims payments down in Ireland

Payments from insurance companies in Ireland for personal injury compensation have been in decline recently. Ireland’s Injury Board has recently issued a statement that insurers should pass on savings to consumers through the reduction of premiums.

E coli personal injury compensation could run into millions

An E coli outbreak that originated from one farm in Surrey may result in its victims being entitled to receive personal injury compensation awards that could cost millions of pounds. The farm has since admitted liability for the outbreak.

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