Middlesbrough grandmother makes £150k accident claim

One grandmother from Middlesbrough has recently brought an accident claim that could result in as much as £150,000 in personal injury compensation being awarded to her after she was nearly killed when a van backed into her, personal injury lawyers writing for the Evening Gazette newspaper recently said.

RTA pothole victim claims hazards remain unrepaired

After receiving more than £3,000 in personal injury compensation after he injured himself by stepping on a pothole during an RTA, one pensioner from Essex has gone on record stating that the hazards that tripped him up have yet to be repaired.

Family of schoolgirl launch personal injury compensation claim

According to accident claim specialists familiar with the case, after one seven year old schoolgirl nearly lost her life in an accident involving a swimming pool, her family has decided to launch a personal injury compensation claim.

Dangerous town centre junction will continue to have RTAs

After local highways bosses announced they will not be carrying out any work, one dangerous Lutterworth town centre junction will most likely continue to be a hotbed of RTA activity, accident claims specialists recently reported.

Council pays out more than £57k in accident claims

It was recently revealed through a Freedom of Informtion request that one town council has disbursed £57,000 in personal injury compensation awards resulting from accident claims filed by pupils who suffered injuries whilst attending the region’s schools.

Construction company fails to secure cladding, injures two

After one construction company failed to secure panelling to a residential building that was undergoing refurbishment, two members of the public suffered the kinds of serious personal injuries that may result in accident claims.

Insurers want ban on no win no fee and referrals

With the average cost of insuring a vehicle in the UK has risen to £1,000 a year, insurance companies have stepped up their call for a ban of no win no fee arrangements and referral fees paid to ‘ambulance-chasing’ legal firms.

No win no fee accident claims winners to pay more

Accident claim winners who have a conditional fee arrangement with their legal representation will soon have to pay their injury solicitors’ success fees from their compensation claim awards thanks to new legal reforms set in place by the government.

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