Legal experts share five steps to making your accident claim

The personal injury claims process can sometimes be as harrowing as the incident that was originally responsible for your injuries, but car accident claim legal experts have come forward with five steps you should follow to make things as painless as possible.

Five year old wins £800k accident claim for head injuries

One five year old boy recently came out on top on his accident claim to the tune of a £800,000 personal injury compensation award after he sustained life-changing head injuries as a baby from a window frame plummeted to the ground below and struck his push chair.

Victorian era personal injury claims put on exhibition

New data on Victorian era personal injury claims has recently been discovered in Norwich, with researchers putting several interesting – if bizarre – legal documents on display for an exhibition.

No win no fee nuisance texts currently under investigation

According to a recent article published by the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, no win no fee legal services companies generating revenue from nuisance texts to mobile phones are currently under investigation.

Yorkshire ex-RAF corporal wins compensation award from MoD

One retired Royal Air Force corporal living in Yorkshire has recently been awarded personal injury compensation from the Ministry of Defence after he claimed he developed disabilities in the wake of toxic chemical exposure whilst in the line of duty.

Joiner from Yorkshire awarded £372k in personal injury claim

After one joiner from Yorkshire filed personal injury claims for his asbestos dust exposure during the 1990s, an out of court settlement has been reached that has resulted in £372,000 personal injury compensation award for fifty four year old man.

Chef makes personal injury claims, receives six figure award

After he suffered an exposure to highly toxic asbestos fibres whilst working in the kitchen of a restaurant, one Italian pizza chef made personal injury claims against his employer and has recently received a six figure sum in personal injury compensation.

Teenage employee considers work accident claim after injury

The teenage employee of a Cornwall-based timber company is now considering bringing a work accident claim against his employer after he nearly lost the use of his hand completely after it came in contact with a vertical panel saw.

Government to get grip on personal injury compensation culture?

the face of growing criticism of no win no fee arrangements and rampant litigation, the government has issued the pledge that it will ‘get a grip’ on the so-called personal injury compensation culture that has been so pervasive throughout the country.

MoD to pay out personal injury compensation for mesothelioma

According to one recent newspaper article, the Ministry of Defence is poised to pay out a million pounds in personal injury compensation to the families of three workers who suffered fatally from mesothelioma, an asbestos related disease.

Northern Ireland roads cost Government £4m in damages

Over the past two years, the state of the pavements and roads in Northern Ireland have cost the Government £4 million in personal injury compensation awards, according to figures recently released by the Department for Regional Development.

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