Nurse seeks personal injury compensation from cancer widow

One nurse is seeking personal injury compensation from the widow of a deceased cancer victim after she stumbled and twisted her ankle during a visit to the patient’s home. The ailing man passed away shortly afterwards.

Oxford man wins medical negligence case 33 years after birth

One Oxford man recently won his medical negligence case thirty three years after his birth. Having suffered catastrophic brain damage as a result of his delivery, he has been awarded personal injury compensation in the amount of £5.7 million.

GPs deal with surge of false injury claims says survey

One new survey has revealed that a vast majority of GPs have dealt with a rise in the number of false injury claims. Doctors have pointed the finger at the so-called ‘compensation culture’ as the impetus behind the rising claims.

Nurse receives £100,000 personal injury compensation award

After suffering a back injury whilst attempting to lift the leg of a morbidly obese male patient that forced her to relinquish a job she loved, one nurse has recently received a personal injury compensation award of over £100,000 for her work accident claim.

Personal injury claims could rocket in coming months

The incidence of personal injury claims may soon be set to rocket in the next few months in the wake of colder weather, many industry experts say; personal injury lawyers may very well be overwhelmed by a burgeoning number of claims from people who have fallen on the snow or ice and caused serious harm to themselves as a result.

Legal aid system changes may bar personal injury claims

One barrister in Northern Ireland recently remarked that a proposed series of legal aid system changes could bar personal injury claim victims from legal recourse if they suffer from an accident claim.

Everton man suffers personal injury at work

After one of its workers suffered a personal injury at work when his hand came into contact with an industrial-grade circular saw, one Liverpool-based laminate flooring company has been fined by the HSE. Everton native Mr Christopher Sillitoe had been performing his duties at the Brookfield Drive, Aintree location of Unifersal Mouldings when cutting laminate […]

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