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Claim for: Car accidents | Work accidents | Slip, trip or fall | Accidents abroad | Medical negligence | Criminal injuries | All other accidents

Dear friend,

Imagine waking up in a few months time and walking down the stairs just as a letter lands on your door mat. Inside the letter is a cheque for THOUSANDS of pounds (made payable to you), along with a message from your solicitor confirming that those responsible for your accident have been held accountable.

It’s a pretty nice thought huh?

Well, believe it or not this very thing is happening to people RIGHT NOW up and down the country. And what’s more, they are absolutely NO DIFFERENT to you. Think about it for a moment, if you’ve had an accident in the last three years that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to compensation towards your injuries or loss of income.

So why should you do something about it?

We’ll give you 3 reasons:

1. This is a COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, no strings service (more commonly know as No Win No Fee)
2. If your claim is successful, you get to keep the maximum compensation that we recover for your injuries
3. We have EXCLUSIVE access to 5 of the most respected and SOUGHT AFTER accident claims solicitors in the UK

Lets break that down further:

Our solicitors normally charge somewhere in the region of £250 + VAT per hour yet they will work for you for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – that’s zero, zilch, diddly-squat (whatever you want to call it) for the duration of your claim. Likewise, they won’t take a commission or deduct ANY administration fee from your compensation, should your claim be successful.

But here’s the real carrot:

If you contact them direct, the average waiting time for just a 30 minute consultation with one of our solicitors is more than 8 WEEKS. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We estimate that over 3,000 people are on their waiting lists, let alone the ten of thousands of people who have given up and gone elsewhere.

You have a head start on EVERYBODY else!

There’s no doubt that the demand for these solicitors is WAY MORE than they can accommodate, but why do you think CUSTOMERS ARE LITERALLY STORMING THE GATES to get these people to represent them?

Well, it’s simple…

If anybody is going to win an accident claim on your behalf, it’s one of these 5 solicitors. NOBODY else in the UK (and we really mean nobody) has the experience, expertise and legal acumen to deliver the amount of compensation that our solicitors can achieve. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients are saying about the compensation that they have been awarded:

“Steve received nearly £9,000 in compensation”

I suffered a whiplash injury in July 2009 when the car I was driving was hit from behind by another vehicle. The car accident occurred while I was stationary at a roundabout near my home town in Bournemouth. The Accident Claims team recovered £8,950 in compensation for me, just 5 months after I submitted my details online.
Steve Boden: Car accident. Bournemouth, UK

“Sue received over £12,000 in compensation”

In the summer of 2008, I tripped and fell on a broken paving stone outside my local supermarket. Unfortunately, I fractured my right elbow and needed three operations to repair it. I was also forced to take early retirement in January 2009. My solicitor was incredibly professional and I was really pleased with the outcome of my claim.
Sue Miller: Accident in a public place. Newcastle, UK

“Martin received £17,500 in compensation”

I’m an electrical sub-contractor so I only get paid when I’m working. The wife and I were taken to the brink of bankruptcy after I broke my leg onsite last year, and was out of action for about 6 months. The option of a no win no fee case was the only way we could recoup the money we’d lost. There’s no way we could have claimed without it.
Martin Day: Work accident. Maidenhead, UK

Claim for: Car accidents | Work accidents | Slip, trip or fall | Accidents abroad | Medical negligence | Criminal injuries | All other accidents

Which of these powerful services persuade you to start your claim TODAY?

  • We operate a strict No Win No Fee guarantee. Win or lose your claim, you don’t pay a SINGLE PENNY to your solicitor
  • You will receive the absolute maximum compensation retrieved from the 3rd party for your injuries
  • You jump the LONG waiting list and get ‘exclusive’ excess to the top 5 accident claims solicitors in the UK
  • Rest assured there are NO gimmicks, NO middle men and NO hidden charges with our service
  • We can call you for a FREE (no obligation) consultation in the next 60 seconds
  • If your claim is accepted, our team will provide a single point of contact for you and your family
  • Our solicitors have an average of over 20 years experience dealing with accident claims in the UK
  • Your case is kept entirely CONFIDENTIAL and will NEVER be shared outside our network of solicitors
  • ALL of our solicitors are accident claims specialists and belong to the Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • We are also governed by the Ministry of Justice in respect of claims management activities
  • For your convenience, we can arrange a personal visit at your home or place of work…

…and that’s not all, not by a long stretch. We decided to save the best till last – see our bonus section below :-)

Here’s how our accident claims process works

The first part of our service involves a 10-15 minute consultation with one of our accident claims assessors. So first things first, can we please ask you to pop your details into one of the red contact boxes on this page and someone will call you back very shortly?

Following this initial consultation, we will tell you whether your claim has been accepted as well as giving you an idea as to the amount of compensation you could be awarded. If you wish to proceed, your details will then be passed to one of our 5 specialist solicitors who will contact you to commence your accident claim, and to get things moving AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Our accident claims ‘NO CONTACT’ guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing a world class service for our valued customers. So the last thing we want is for people to start their accident claim and not feel like they were given the best advice possible.

At the time of writing, over 1,000 people in the UK have already chosen us to represent them with their accident claim (you can read several of their stories on our home page). We therefore have absolutely no doubt that if you want the best legal advice on the market; we are the one and only accident claims company for you.

That being said, we totally stand by our service, which is why we offer you a No Quibbles – ‘Non Contact’ Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

If, having spoken to one of our accident claims assessors or indeed one of our 5 ‘expert’ solicitors, you are dissatisfied with ANY aspect of the advice you have been given, we guarantee to never (EVER) contact you again in the future. Not only that, we will ensure that any information we hold about you is permanently removed from our records.

This means that there is no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver rests entirely with us. If we fail to live up to your expectations, then it’s our loss, not yours.


Although our service is EXTREMELY comprehensive, we have been able to negotiate an unprecedented agreement with our panel of solicitors. This is something that trumps ALL of our previous bonuses and really does make the decision about whether to work with us a total no-brainer.

Here’s what’s been agreed:

Each and every one of our solicitors will fast-track the accident claims of clients that have been referred via our website. So as soon as your claim comes in, it will receive ‘special’ attention at every stage of the claims process. This means that your case will be settled and, if successful, you will receive your cheque in the SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME. We can’t say fairer than that can we?

So, this is how our service shapes up:

1. Win or lose, you will NEVER part with ANY money throughout the course of your accident claim.


2. If your claim is successful, you will receive EVERY SINGLE PENNY of the compensation that is awarded.


3. You go straight to the front of their 8 week waiting list and work with one of the top 5 accident claims solicitors in the UK. Not only that, you and your claim will be given preferential treatment from the moment you get in contact.


Claim for: Car accidents | Work accidents | Slip, trip or fall | Accidents abroad | Medical negligence | Criminal injuries | All other accidents


Hurry up. You can jump the queue but you must act TODAY!

More and more people are paying attention to our service than we ever imagined and appointments are booking up fast. Unfortunately, we can only take another cases this month – after these slots are filled, we will be taking names only for the waiting list. Additional consultations will then be given as space becomes available and on a strict first come, first served basis.

This is not some fake scarcity tactic to get you to make contact, it’s a real limited offer due to the fact that our solicitors have a set number of accident claims that they are prepared to deal with at any one point in time. In fact, we are current considering taking this site down for a few months because the demand is TOO HIGH and we genuinely do not want to disappoint people.

So what does this mean to you? Simple. If our accident claims service sounds like your best chance of recouping the compensation you deserve, please take action TODAY by popping your details into one of the red boxes on this page.

If you really are serious about starting your claim, NOW is the time to act. There is no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on us. In fact, if you don’t like what we’ve got to offer, we will end the conversation straight away with no obligation on you whatsoever.

Look at it this way, you can either just accept the fact that you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, or you can spend the next 10-15 minutes doing something about it.

It’s easy to get started. Just fill out your details below and let us do the rest.


The Accident Claims Team.

P.S. Just think. In a few months time, it could well be YOU that receives a big fat cheque for compensation. Start your claim today and get the justice you deserve!

P.P.S We absolutely LOATHE the way that some of our competitors go about their business. So for the avoidance of any doubt, we DO NOT condone high pressure selling in ANY capacity. Either you think this is right for, or you don’t. Either way, it’s OK with us :-)

P.P.P.S We’ve been getting a lot of thank you emails from people who have just started the claims process and have now been allocated to one of our top 5 solicitors. We’d just like to say something to all the people that are sending emails like this:


The service we’ve given you so far is only the tip of the iceberg. By working with Accident Claims, you’ve got the keys to the Vault!

Claim for: Car accidents | Work accidents | Slip, trip or fall | Accidents abroad | Medical negligence | Criminal injuries | All other accidents

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