Medical negligence leads to £6 million compensation payout

Medical negligence on the part of mental health professionals led to a £6 million personal injury compensation payment after a thirty three year old patient was left with brain damage after he was prescribed the incorrect medication regime.

Woman charged £2,500 for injuries from dog attack

One woman was recently told to pay £2,500 in personal injury compensation after her dog attacked a 74 year old pensioner without provocation, even as she denied her dog’s actions just seconds after the incident, accident claim experts recently reported.

School fined in wake of pupil’s serious injuries

The pupil of a secondary school located in Colchester sustained severe personal injuries when a pile of timber boards fell and struck him, leading to the school being fined by the Health and Safety Executive, accident claim experts recently reported.

Child suffers serious injuries at celebrity-owned safari park

A safari park owned by a celebrity and her husband was the site of a young child’s serious injuries recently, leading to health and safety breach prosecutions and a possible personal injury compensation claim for the young boy’s injuries, accident claim experts recently reported.

Legal aid bill defeated in House of Lords for ninth time

The House of Lords has shot down the ninth iteration of the new legal aid bill in a recent vote by peers where issue was taken with mandatory telephone advice line use, personal injury compensation experts recently revealed.

Horse riders responsible for their own safety, says court

According to the Court of Appeal in London, riders take their safety into their own hands upon mounting a horse, as the court has recently rejected a personal injury compensation claim from a woman who sought recompense for a riding accident that saw her needing 20 surgical procedures on her face.

HSE prosecutes Merseyside bedding company for work accident

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a bedding company based in Merseyside after one of its workers lost a thumb and three fingers in a machine used to make duvets, work accident claim experts recently said.

County Durham man loses arm in devastating accident at work

One County Durham man working as a grounds man for the local council lost his arm in a devastating accident at work after a piece of his clothing became entangled in a power-fed wood chipper, work accident claim experts recently reported.

Essex man seeks medical negligence compensation for son

One man from Essex is seeking medical negligence compensation for his son, a seven year old boy who was left with severe brain damage shortly after his birth, according to accident claim experts with knowledge of the case.

Ambulance technician makes £60k work accident claim

After suffering injuries whilst attempting to move an elderly patient, one ambulance technician has made a £60,000 work accident claim against his employers, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

Pensioner slips at Tesco, wins four figure accident claim

After a pensioner slipped on a wet floor at Tesco and suffered a broken bone in his foot, the eighty year old man has won his accident claim against the supermarket giant, being awarded a personal injury compensation sum thought to be in the four figures, experts say.

Schoolgirl falls from funfair ride, operator prosecuted by HSE

After a young schoolgirl fell from a funfair ride and sustained serious injuries, the ride’s operator has faced prosecution by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, according to accident claim experts familiar with the case.

Teenage girl injured on the job, may make accident claim

One teenage girl injured while working as a cookery assistant may make a work accident claim for the terrible burns she sustained to her hand after she tripped and plunged it into a deep fat fryer, personal injury claims experts recently reported.

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