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Now you can get the compensation YOU deserve, without spending a single penny on legal fees!

Hello there and welcome to our website.

We’re not sure how you found us, but we’re grateful you’ve taken the time to stop by. If truth be told though, we have been getting a little freaked out by the amount of interest in what we do here at accident claims.

You see, we originally started this service as a backlash to the insurance industry. The multi-billion pound market that makes money EVEN WHEN YOU SUBMIT A CLAIM!

Say what?

That’s right. Not only do Insurance companies make a tidy profit from your annual premiums (then look for just about any excuse NOT to pay out on a claim), if you are hurt or injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, they’ll also make anything up to £750 by selling your details to a solicitor.

I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true! These companies really are making a fortune out of people just like YOU.

So after years of witnessing their shameless practices first hand, we decided to do something about it.

But why should you work with us?

The biggest fear most people have when it comes to making an accident claim without the help of their insurance company, is that they’ll end up with an enormous legal bill. This simply isn’t true!

So, for your convenience, let us dispel some of these myths and explain EXACTLY what our accident claims service is, and why it works so well for those who are smart enough to get in touch.

Our accident claims service

Lets say you’ve been involved in a road accident whilst driving your car or riding your motorbike and are suffering from whiplash. Maybe you’ve had an accident in the workplace as a result of inadequate training and safety equipment. Or perhaps you’ve fallen over in a supermarket or other retail premises?

The fact is, there are a HUNDREDS of ways in which you can have an accident. They can happen to ANYONE and at anytime. But if someone is to blame for an accident that has caused you both physical and psychological injuries, we have built a service just for YOU.

Here’s how it works:

1. You have an accident that wasn’t your fault
2. You get in contact with us by starting your claim online or requesting a call back
3. We discuss your claim and tell you whether it’s worth pursuing
4. If your claim is accepted, you will be assigned to one of top 5 solicitors
5. Your claim will also be fast-tracked to minimise the often lengthy legal process
6. If successful, you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries

…and, just for the avoidance of ANY doubt:

7. Win or lose, you are not charged A SINGLE PENNY in legal fees

We can’t say fairer than that can we?

A quick word about our availability

We have a small confession to make:

Only a handful of people will get to work with us each month.

There is a reason for this. And that reason is simple.


Whilst we really have been blown away by the number of enquiries in recent months, we’ve decided to stay true to our values and NOT offer this service to the mass market.


Because the most important thing for us is to provide a WORLD CLASS service to each and EVERY client we work with. If we simply accept every customer that’s ever got in contact, we’d be swamped with work (and our solicitors would need hospitalising!).

Don’t misunderstand us, of course we ARE keen to hear from you. But please be aware that we’re accepting customers on a first come, first served basis. Details of the number of spaces available this month are provided at the bottom of our start your claim page.

Oh, and before we sign off, we’d like to ask a favour. It’s no biggie but now that you’ve found our website, would you PLEASE keep it to yourself? Our monthly visitors are already over 20,000 strong and it’s growing by about 100 people a day. We have considered closing the service entirely to new customers so we’d REALLY appreciate it if you kept it “in the family” so to speak.

Thanks :-)

The Accident Claims Team

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