Accident Claims Calculator

Here’s a quick and easy way to gauge how much YOUR accident claim is worth.

We get over 300 enquiries a week from people looking to get an idea of how much they might receive for their accident claim. Most people come to us having heard about our reputation for delivering the MAXIMUM possible compensation. And whilst we’re flattered by the overwhelming interest in our service, we thought we’d come up with a quicker way of giving you the information you need.

Our accident claims calculator has been developed using national guidelines as to how much is paid for certain types of injuries. This can be used as a guide to the likely compensation for a typical accident claim. To use the calculator, simply click on a body part below to view the compensation that may be paid.

If you would like a more realistic estimate, you can either request FREE (no obligation) call back or start your claim online today. And remember, this is a COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE (no win no fee) service. You will keep EVERY SINGLE PENNY of compensation AND you get to work with one of the top 5 accident claims solicitors in the UK!

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