Criminal behaviour and accident claims hand in hand?

Industry news roundup: week ended 1 Sept 2014:

Just because you’re a criminal doesn’t mean you can’t make accident claims or be involved in them tangentially, if this week’s news is any example.

When I think of criminals and personal injury compensation cases, it’s usually in the context of claims fraud or something like that. However, that’s not always the case – in fact sometimes there are legitimate cases that arise out of otherwise unlawful activity!

Consider this one smart cookie: 45 year old John Dawson ended up putting his mate’s eye out with his thumb in a drunken brawl after his friend inadvertently cracked the man’s tooth. Initially the story told to the police was that it was an accidental fall that caused the injury but lo and behold once his friend ended up sacked from his job due to his injuries the man changed his tune – and all of a sudden there’s a personal injury claim made against Dawson, not to mention criminal charges filed as well!

Lo and behold, the bloke’s going to jail and will more than likely be liable for the injury he did to his mate. Not much of a surprise there really, but an interesting story as to how quickly fates – and friendships – can be dissolved, especially when there’s money on the table. Meanwhile there was another case this week that’s a bit even more on the nose if you ask me – a prison inmate is going to have his day in court for a £10,000 accident claim for the injuries he sustained whilst taking out the trash.

Apparently 44 year old Alan McAuley had his hand smashed by the lid of the rubbish bin at Castle Huntly open prison. The inmate, who is serving time on a drugs-related charge, said that he had three months of discomfort in his wrist and that he had limited dexterity in his hand for some time after the skip lid dropped on it suddenly.

Now normally I’d just dismiss the claim as money-grubbing criminal behaviour but there could be a grain of truth in this, as apparently the rubbish bin’s lid wouldn’t stay open on its own and actually had to be propped open with a mop handle.  Is it worth ten thousand quid? Honestly I wouldn’t think so, but I also think it’s important that this one bloke at least gets his day in court – don’t you agree?

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