When £1 million in personal injury compensation isn’t enough

Industry news roundup: week ended 23 June 2014:

Sometimes there are incidents leading to personal injury claims that are truly egregious. This week is one of those times, and it’s 100 per cent justified.

If there’s one thing that we can all agree upon, it’s that when someone preys upon innocent schoolchildren there’s absolutely no excuse. It’s even worse when the predator is supposed to be someone who abuses the trust of those children – and that’s exactly what former schoolteacher and convicted American paedophile William Vahey did at his tenure at Southbank International School, an elite school located in the capital.

Some 60 children are suspected to have been abused at the hands of Vahey, who conveniently took his own life after he was found out. The sick bastard had been working in Nicaragua at the time – at yet another school where heaven knows how many other schoolchildren were victimized – but this doesn’t mean that Southbank is off the hook for having a bloody child predator working for them!

The average personal injury compensation award for something like this can be anywhere from £30,000 to £50,000 per child, according to industry experts. Multiply that by 60 students and you’ve got more than a million pounds possibly flowing out of Southbank’s coffers, and rightly so – while it might not restore an abused child’s innocence it can offer some peace of mind to parents who now have to seek out extensive psychiatric counselling for their child – and for themselves!

Honestly it sickens me that this paedophile ended up slipping through the cracks and weaseling his way into a teaching position at one of the most prestigious and elite schools in London. If anything it’s a testament to how sick and depraved this bastard was in being able to conceal his monstrous nature from so many people, and for so long. At the same time, I’m a bit disappointed that he took his own life, as you can only imagine what would have been in store for him if he had been apprehended and sent to jail. Other offenders don’t take kindly to sharing prison space with those who victimise children, and for good reason!

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