Sub-standard compensation awards leave claimants cold

Industry news roundup: week ended 3 March 2014:

It’s been a bad week for claimants, as news of paltry personal injury compensation awards being handed out for serious injuries have left people furious.

First up is the questionable story of how one 23 year old musician received only £6,400 in damages after he was literally electrocuted whilst setting up for a performance on the Pride of Hull ferry. Poor Dominic Zyntek had been preparing his electric guitar when a massive shock ripped through his body, burning his hands so severely that he found himself unable to play his instrument for several months. Not that he could have played even if he had escaped injury, considering how the shock perished his guitar! Honestly I can’t believe that the poor bloke’s personal injury lawyers only got him just a few thousand quid for his injuries. It seems to me that he should have gotten much more, but then again what do I know besides the fact that electrocution is incredibly painful and often life-threatening?

Of course there’s even worse nightmare stories out there when it comes to ultra-low compensation on personal injury claims. For instance, did you know that apparently the death of a child by medical negligence is only worth around £40,000? An insulting sum isn’t it? Well that’s exactly what Marie and Ray Ferguson received when their daughter Raychel died in the aftermath of the removal of her appendix. She was only nine years old. It’s tragic and heartbreaking, and made only worse by the fact that the NHS only gave the grieving family such a pittance.

The worst part is that the trust freely admitted liability for the incident. For what it’s worth, I think it’s absolutely shameful and I can’t believe that anyone out there would believe otherwise. I know that there’s no possible way that any amount of money could ever replace a lost child – heaven knows that it’s cold comfort indeed in the face of such a senseless and preventable death – but surely a nine year old child’s life is worth more than a paltry £40,000? Am I alone here in thinking that such a small compensation amount is completely and utterly insulting to the memory of the poor girl and a slap in the face to her already bereaved parents? It’s bloody unconscionable!

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