Accident victims further preyed upon by authority figures

Industry news roundup: week ended 20 Jan 2014:

It’s never good when you end up in a road traffic accident, especially if you then have to make an accident claim, but it’s worse when victimised even further!

However, that’s just what’s been happening lately. The worst part is that these individuals are getting preyed upon by those that they should be able to trust – in other words, police officers and doctors if you can believe it.

First up comes news this week of a high-profile case involving PC Sugra Hanif plundering personal details official accident data in order to glean names and phone numbers in a search for people who might want to make personal injury claims. However goes worse than that, as allegations exist that the phone calls were extremely aggressive. At £700 a successful referral, I suppose I would be a pushy bastard too – though I certainly wouldn’t plunder official police records in order to do so!

It’s a pretty rotten thing this woman was doing, if you ask me. Those official records aren’t supposed to be used as a money-making opportunity, and the fact that this woman violated the privacy of these victims just to make a few quid absolutely makes my blood boil. It’s a nasty violation indeed – but still, it’s not nearly as bad as what one doctor did recently.

Imagine you end up in an accident that’s left you with whiplash, so you go to your doctor for an examination. Sounds like a normal doctor visit – unless you have Shahid Ayyoub as a GP, as the 57 year old man was recently convicted of removing a female patient’s bra and having a bit of a time with his hands instead of simply examining her neck.

Of course this kind of behaviour didn’t go unpunished, as the judge more or less threw the book at the man, and rightly so if you ask me! Turns out he comes from a very prominent family with several other doctors in its ranks, not to mention two of his own children are going to school for medicine as well. I swear, this man’s runaway sexual proclivities have ruined not only his life but likely the lives of the rest of his family members as well! Stupid git.

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