Injury claims abound from Wales to Scotland

Industry news roundup: week ended 6 Jan 2014:

When it comes to accident claims, it’s not just England as the rest of the UK gets into the act; in fact both Wales and Scotland have been claims hotbeds.

Last year alone, for instance, saw more than£300,000 paid out to college lecturers and school teachers in Scotland according to the Educational Institute of Scotland. All sorts of incidents led to the payouts, including one assault that led to a serious long-term injury for a teacher that resulted in a personal injury compensation award of £130,000 alone!

Now don’t get nervous if you were considering a career as an educator in Scotland: it’s not that pupils are so violent that these incidents occur so much. In fact the EIS said most of the time it’s simple and avoidable accidents that are caused by poor working conditions. Slips and trips due to poorly-maintained schools are the real culprit here, and the EIS was highly critical of local authorities that neglected their responsibilities to keep these schools in good nick; can’t say I’m surprised, as it seems that most local councils couldn’t find their arse with both hands in an emergency!

Speaking of negligent behaviour, it’s time to turn to Wales now where a new report published this week revealed that over the last three years, a total of £117.6 million in compensation, mostly due to medical negligence cases. The information has certainly given the NHS a black eye in terms of reputation, as well as it should – cries of ‘we could have used that money to improve the state of our hospitals’ are on the lips of pretty much anyone you turn to, and for what it’s worth the sentiment is completely accurate.

Again it’s a factor of simply not having the wherewithal to keep these places running in good condition. Doctors and medical staff are overworked to a worrisome level, yet the NHS drags its heels whenever it’s time to change policies. It takes a public shaming like this to rattle its cage, though as usual the NHS will have its excuses primed and ready.

Still, enough is enough; it’s time to stand up and say that this simply isn’t acceptable behaviour on the part of the NHS, or our local authorities in the case of mis-managed and unsafe schools. At least now you know not to get sick in Wales – or to take a teaching job in Scotland!

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