Courts cracking down on personal injury claims fraud

Industry news roundup: week ended 11 Nov 2013:

It’s no big secret that accident claims fraud is a serious problem in the UK, but the courts are slowly but surely catching up with scammers in a major way.

In fact, this week’s news was absolutely lit up with not one but two stories of how supposedly ‘injured’ people have been caught red-handed. The whole big reveal started with the news that 59 year old Barbari Fari, a woman who tried to weasel £750,000 out of Homes for Haringey after she suffered a trip-and-fall injury on a bit of uneven paving, has been sent to jail for three months after it was discovered she was absolutely full of it.

Fari was found to not nearly be suffering as badly from her trip injury, despite the claims she made in her bid for personal injury compensation. In fact, apparently she was walking about near her home much more easily than she did during her medical examinations – and the writing on the wall was she was trying to take the piss out of Homes for Haringey as a result.

It’s not just fabricated injuries that count as fraud, though – even if you’re legitimately injured you can still get yourself in serious hot water if you try to get more than your fair share. This happened to 52 year old wheelchair-bound David Hardaker that taking some £77,000 in benefits while he had tens of thousands of pounds in a savings account.

It just goes to show you that the law isn’t about leaving you better-off than you were before you were injured but instead to make you whole. If you’ve got an average of nearly £20,000 in the bank over the course of three years, yet neglect to tell anyone about it, the Government gets a bit upset when they find out – especially when they’ve been overpaying you to the tune of nearly a hundred thousand pounds. It tends to make them cranky – and Hardaker found this out the hard way.

Truth be told he’s already started to pay back what he owes, but he’s had to put his house up for sale to do it. I’d feel bad for him but I really can’t – the thick bastard brought this on himself and he’s got no one else to blame for the whole horrid affair. Maybe next time he’ll be a bit more honest, eh? Bloody idiot.

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