Win modestly but dream big when it comes to damages

Industry news roundup: week ended 8 July 2013:

When it comes to personal injury compensation claims, it’s all right to dream big – but don’t be afraid to take a modest win if you can.

At least that’s the lessons that I’ve gleaned from this week’s crop of injury news anyway, especially when I’ve read about one successful claimant taking a £15,000 settlement offer even as another one makes a new claim for nearly £650,000! It’s a big gap, but I think it illustrates the point perfectly: aim high, but don’t leave money on the table.

Lina Waghorn definitely made the right decision in my case when she accepted a settlement offer from Dundee City Council the other day. The senior education officer for the council had brought a work injury claim after a nasty spill down some stairs saw her with a broken leg as she was working as one of the school’s musical theatre producers in 2011.

Mrs Waghorn initially faced more than a bit of pushback from her employers based on the fact that they said she wasn’t working in her normal role at the time of the injury. The whole matter was being hotly debated when the city council finally decided to just offer the injured woman the settlement – probably because its legal costs were mounting – and not wanting to prolong the matter on her side either, the injured woman wisely took it. Good on her!

Of course, just because your end result is relatively modest doesn’t mean you can’t reach for the stars. That’s what one seriously injured carpenter is doing with his £645,000 accident claim made against a film company for a grisly injury involving a table saw on the set of the Adam Sandler movie ‘That’s My Boy.’ Notwithstanding whether or not Adam Sandler should be sued for his horrid sense of humor or not, the injured carpenter named him and other production company bigwigs in his compensation claim for the injury that saw more than one finger sawed clean off his right hand and probably left him with nightmares for the rest of his life!

The table saw just wasn’t adequately guarded, according to his personal injury claim, and if this turns out to be the truth then Happy Madison is going to be in big, big trouble. Sandler’s going to have to put out a few actually funny movies to pay this legal bill, if you ask me!

In all honesty I haven’t actually seen ‘That’s My Boy,’ but it looked absolutely rubbish. I’m sure I’m not missing anything.

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