Serious injuries lead to massive compensation payouts

Industry news roundup: week ended 18 Mar 2013:

If you ever doubted that accident claims can cost massive amounts of money in personal injury compensation, you need go no further than this week’s news!

Here’s one story that’s been all over the place lately: some poor bloke that fell in pothole several years ago and injured his head so badly that he’s now suffering from epilepsy and brain damage has finally won his personal injury claim against those responsible. It’s about time, if you ask me; the poor sod has been trying to squeeze compensation out of Homes for Haringey – those responsible for keeping the road surface in good nick – for far too long.

The injured man, Kyle Bullock, had simply been walking along Lightfoot Road in Hornsey in 2007 when he was tripped up by the pothole, sending him spilling to the floor where he struck his head. Even after having underwent brain surgery, Kyle was still doing quite poorly, but now London’s High Court has awarded him an unspecified compensation payment, though it’s expected to be massive due to the nature of his injuries.

Homes for Haringey has since put into place a much more comprehensive plan for maintaining the roadways under its purview since the accident, a spokesperson said in the wake of the court ruling. The firm now spends around £300,000 every year on maintaining road conditions to keep similar accidents from occurring, the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of pounds are being paid out in Essex, though these are due to school accidents. In fact, pupils have been awarded some  £220,000 from Essex County Council from 2008 to 2010, according to a Freedom of Information Request that was filled recently.

These accidents tend to be rather expensive on an individual basis, as the average payout can be anywhere from £20,000 to as high as £30,000 depending on the nature of the injury. The most expensive one was for £30,544, which was paid to a pupil who suffered some rather nasty injuries after tripping down some stairs. Other injuries costing the council come cash include a slip on a wet floor that ended up costing nearly £28,000, a fall from climbing equipment that cost more than £24,500, and a similar injury where a child fell from a defective set of monkey bars, costing around £23,500.

I suppose £220,000 seems like a massive amount of cash over two years, but let’s be honest here: Essex County Council is responsible for some 500 schools. The total damage could be much, much higher if the schools weren’t as safe as they were, and let’s not forget that some accidents just happen – still, it’s never comforting to hear about hurt children, especially when the injuries occur in an environment where they’re supposed to be safe and cared for!

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