Getting injured on the job is a tough thing to deal with

Industry news roundup: week ended 4 Mar 2013:

It’s tough to deal with a personal injury at work, and the stories in the news this past week are a perfect indication of just how difficult it can be.

First up is the story of a £1.8 million personal injury compensation claim launched by a nursing assistant in Peterborough after she slipped on some spilt food. Michelle Lay, a thirty nine year old Yaxley native, had been unloading a food trolley at a local mental health unit when the incident occurred, which saw her slipping on some spilt left-overs that had not been tidied up, and Mrs Lay said in her accident claim that she actually left the floor when she slipped, only to smash her head on the food trolley and crash down on the base of her spine when she hit the floor.

Mrs Lay says that she’s been left in agonising neck and back pain as a result of the accident, forcing her to not just have to undergo a surgical procedure to fuse the top of her spine but to leave her job. She has since launched an injury claim against the NHS Trust that is responsible for the medical facility, claiming an initial £100,000 for her back, though the compensation claim has since grown to £1.8 million to take into account her neck injuries as well.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust has been fighting the injured woman tooth-and-nail, claiming that her injured neck was actually more due to an accident she was in at nineteen and that the hospital shouldn’t be responsible for such a massive personal injury claim. However, there’s not enough medical evidence to rule one way or another, and now the woman has to wait until a later date for the High Court to make a judgment.

Meanwhile, a lollipop lady from Wigan has fared a bit better in the wake of an injury she received at the hands of a hit and run car driver that knocked her over as she was undertaking her duties in helping schoolchildren cross the road. Karen Littler, the forty nine year old mother of four who was struck, feels trepidation to this day about actually stepping out into the road despite the fact that her injuries occurred a year ago, though the fact that she has received a four figure compensation sum has perhaps taken the sting out of this slightly.

Mrs Littler had been struck by a brown Honda Insight that then sped off. Luckily an astute witness to the accident took down the car’s registration letter and provided these details to the police, and the authorities caught up to the motorist, who was then dragged into Wigan Magistrates Court on charges of driving without due care.

The motorist was convicted, and on top of that Mrs Littler sued the driver’s insurer for damages. The lollipop lady’s personal injury solicitors prevailed, earning her an undisclosed sum that is understood to be at least four figures.

I really can’t imagine what kind of terrible person would not just hit a lollipop lady with their vehicle but then flee the scene as well. I’m very glad to hear that they were caught and punished, and that Mrs Littler received a compensation award for her pain and suffering!

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