Medical negligence leads to £37.5k in compensation

Industry news roundup: week ended 5 Nov 2012:

This week, news broke that the NHS has been made to pay for the mistakes of medical staff, awarding £37,500 in compensation following a botched surgery.

Errors that occurred during the surgery of one artist from Leicestershire to treat breast cancer racked up a massive personal injury compensation bill for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust after a surgeon severed several nerves located in the patient’s shoulder, nearly crippling her left arm completely. Margaret Gold, a seventy year old resident of Cosby, now has to cope with an inability use her hand, wrist, and arm thanks to medical ‘professionals’ that botched her surgery at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, changing her life drastically.

The published illustrator and artist, who also worked as an art therapist prior to her surgery, has lost all feeling in her fingers and can no longer raise her wrist following what should have been a routine surgery. Mrs Gold has not set brush to canvas even once after her nerves were accidentally severed.

The 70 year old woman launched a medical negligence claim against the NHS Trust for the hospital, resulting with a personal injury compensation award of £37,500, though it’s cold comfort for a woman who made her living for decades as an artist. One of Mrs Gold’s personal injury solicitors remarked that the care received by the injured woman was far below the standard of care that would have been expected, and that if there had not been a delay in remedial treatment the damage might have been repaired by subsequent surgeries, possibly restoring some measure of movement and feeling to Mrs Gold’s hand and arm.

An NHS Trust spokesman made a full, unreserved apology to the injured artist, stating that since the incident, the hospital has instituted changes in order to ensure such other unfortunate incidents would not occur in the future. However, no amount of compensation will make Mrs Gold whole, who now must live the rest of her life without being able to create art as she did before – doubtless she would trade every last penny of that compensation award to be restored to full health.

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