North Wales Police Force nearly cripples pensioner

While sometimes police officers are injured in the line of duty, at other times regular citizens end up suffering injuries at their hands, much as Beryl Evans suffered recently after the grandmother of two was struck by police car.

Mrs Evans, a ninety one year old pensioner, has decided to seek personal injury compensation for the incident, which saw hospitalised for seven long months after she was struck by a police vehicle as she tried to cross the road. The grandmum sustained a broken elbow, arm, and leg, and nearly crippled her; according to her personal injury claims, there is a good chance that she may not be able to walk again.

How does a police officer just up and smash into a ninety one year old woman? It’s not like pensioners just dart across the street like a stray cat, and when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, it’s usually a case of careless driving on the part of the driver, but a Dolgellau Magistrates’ Court hearing cleared the driver of reckless driving.

However, the injured woman and her family have instead made a civil car accident claim against the police. Mrs Evans’ daughter, Yvonne, was righteously angry in a statement, remarking how her mother had been ‘robbed’ of her her independence  – and she has a point, considering how one of Mrs Evans’ favourite pastimes was taking regular walks in an effort to remain fit.

North Wales Police Force has been tight-lipped as always. With a matter currently ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment on the case, a spokesman said.

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