Motorcyclist claims ‘substantial’ compensation award

One motorcyclist has claimed a ‘substantial’ but undisclosed personal injury compensation award after being involved in a life-threatening accident with a supermarket delivery van, it was recently reported.

Paul Parkin, a thirty year old man from Lundwood, near Barnsley, was struck by the delivery van in April of 2009, knocking him from his motorcycle and suffering such extensive injuries that doctors made the decision to leave him in a medically induced coma for a period of four days. The injured man spent an additional six weeks in hospital following the accident, enduring in excess of twenty surgical procedures to repair the damage done to his body; Mr Parkin is still going under the knife even three years later in order to correct lingering issues left over by the accident as well.

As a result of his life threatening injuries, Mr Parkin decided to launch a motorcycle accident claim against the supermarket’s insurance company. The injured man’s personal injury solicitors prevailed in court, earning him a substantial compensation package, though the particulars have not been made known to the public.

Mr Parkin said in a recent interview with the Star newspaper that he had been given no choice but to give up his job in the wake of the debilitating crash. However, thanks to the damages award, the injured man need not worry about how he will pay for his incredibly expensive rehabilitation costs without a source of steady income.

Displaying an indomitable will and spirit that is quite common to those enduring life-changing injuries, Mr Parkin also said that he has the determination to return to work one day and to return to having an active and independent lifestyle, despite the sometimes excruciating pain he is nearly constantly in.

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