Leicester woman falls, breaks ankle, receives £3,700

One woman from Leicestershire who fell at the Highcross shopping centre and suffered a broken ankle recently received a personal injury compensation award of £3,700 for her pain and suffering.

The injured woman, whose name was not made public at her request, fell after a slip on the bridge spanning the John Lewis store and the mall’s car park. The Highcross car park has been a hotbed of injuries recently, with an additional three women are making slip-and-trip accident claims for injuries they sustained in 2011 as well.

The woman who just received her compensation had actually slipped more than once on her way from the car park to the bridge, but had recovered sufficiently to avoid injury the initial time. However, once she reached the bridge, she slipped once more, falling to the floor and suffering torn ligaments and a broken ankle.

The surface of the car park is especially dangerous when it is wet, according to the three remaining claimants, as more than one reported their injuries to have occurred after a recent rain. One of the three women who suffered injury, known only as Mrs Ravat, recounted her experiences on 21 December of last year, where she lost her footing upon returning to her car at the end of a shopping trip with her daughter, leaving her with not just a nasty bump on her head but also a right femur that was fractured so badly that she needed emergency surgery to repair.

One spokesman for Highcross said that the shopping centre is aware of the incidents that have been occurring in the centre’s car park. However, the spokesman declined to comment further, claiming that it would not be appropriate to comment on any individual case while conducting their own review and investigation into the matter.

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