Employee to make work accident claim after factory incident

One factory worker will be making a work accident claim after a machine he was working trapped and burnt both of his arms – an incident that has led to his employer being fined by the Health and Safety Executive.

No compensation for tennis player wearing ‘wrong’ shoes

The Court of Session has recently dashed the personal injury compensation hopes of one man who tripped and fell while playing tennis because he was wearing the ‘wrong’ shoes, it was recently reported.

Man wins work-related injury claim against former employers

One man has recently prevailed on his work-related injury claims that he made against his former employers after they accepted liability for the permanent damage he sustained after years of using vibrating tools on the job, it was recently reported.

Are no win no fee legal claims as bad as people say?

It’s no surprise to anyone that the amount of criticism that the personal injury claims industry has come under, especially over the past few years as the number of accident claims have rocketed despite a drop in the overall number of accidents – many people blame the proliferation of the ‘no win no fee’ legal claim, but is its advent really to blame for the mess we’re in right now?

Work-related stress can cause illness and injury as well

While falls from height and other industrial accidents at work can be incredibly debilitating, many people discount the impact that repeated exposure to work-related stress can have on an employee – injury and illness can be caused by emotional and mental turmoil as easily as a slip and trip, and can be just as painful.

Demolition worker caught in gas pipe explosion at work

Work accident claim experts say that one thirty seven year old demolition worker was caught in a gas pipe explosion on the job, with his forearms and face suffering serious burn damage as he cut through a gas pipe he had been told had been inactive with an angle grinder.

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