Cleaner from Mansfield awarded £12k from work accident claim

One cleaner from Mansfield has recently received a £12,000 personal injury compensation payout after prevailing on his work accident claim, legal experts recently reported.

Polish immigrant, Arkadiusz Chmiel, had been working for Timbet Door Solutions when he slipped on dangerous flooring at the firm’s Mansfield location as he moved a wooden sawbuck weighing 30kg.  Mr Chmiel hurt his knee as he twisted out of the way of the heavy equipment as he fell,  and the injury left him unable to return to work for a period of several weeks as he underwent physiotherapy to repair the damage to his injured knee.

The GMB, the man’s trade union, put Mr Chmiel in touch with Dominika Tyszkowska, a Polish-speaking organiser, in order to ensure he had the use of a translator as a personal injury compensation claim was made against his employer.  An investigation of the incident discovered that the floor of the facility where Mr Chmiel had been employed had not been painted with a specialised anti-slip material to deter accidents but regular paint instead, leading to an admission of liability and an out of court settlement on the part of Timbet Door Solutions.

Mr Chmiel said that he had lost weeks of wages due to the pain in his knee, which precluded him from working.  He made the decision to contact the GMB for aid, as he had doubts as to what his rights were, and expressed his gratitude to the trade union who provided him with both legal representation and a translator so that he would be able to understand the entire process.

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