Postman falls from van, makes £11,000 work accident claim

After falling from his van and sustaining injuries in the process, one postman recently received a £11,000 personal injury compensation claim when he prevailed on his work accident claim against his employer.

Parcelforce employee, Alan Kenyon, was injured when he tripped over a portion of edging strip in his van that had come loose, causing him to fall to the ground and sustain serious injuries.  Mr Kenyon, who landed on his shoulder in the fall, needed to receive several pain killing injections and to undergo physiotherapy in order to repair the damage, but had to be subjected to two surgeries – one of which involved a removal of a portion of his collar bone – to completely recover from the injury, it has been said.

The postman needed to take off from work due to the shoulder injury, as he could not lift heavy objects, and took legal advice in order to seek personal injury compensation for his fall at work.  According to legal experts writing for the York Press newspaper, Mr Kenyon, who has finally recovered from his injuries and can now return to work, recently won £11,000 in damages for both the loss of work and the pain and suffering he had to endure.

When the Royal Mail was approached for comment by the newspaper, a spokesperson remarked that the organisation held the safety of its employees to the highest possible standards.  Official figures say that falls at work leave thousands injured and missing work every year, costing the economy hundreds of thousands of pounds on an annual basis.

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