Cyclist seeks £300k in damages after RTA

One cyclist that was paralysed following a devastating road traffic accident has gone in search of a personal injury compensation award in excess of £300,000 from the driver that struck him, it was recently reported.

According to an article published in the South Wales Argus newspaper, Chespstow native Dan Black, twenty four years old, had been cycling on his way to work when Patrick Barrett, of Sedbury, struck him with his car.  The cyclist sustained a myriad of injuries in the incident, including skull, collar bone, and rib fractures, as well as damage to his kidney and spleen; most serious was the broken vertebra and damaged artery that he suffered, which left him paralysed and suffering from a stroke respectively, requiring spending five weeks in a medically-induced coma in order to facilitate his recovery.

Mr Black had been entertaining plans to pursue a military career by joining the army before his horrific accident.  However, these plans have now been dashed, and as a result, the paralysed man, after taking legal advice, has made a claim against Mr Barrett for more than £300,000 on the grounds that the driver had negligently attempted to make a right turn while it had not been safe to do so.

Mr Barrett’s team of defence lawyers has plans to argue that Mr Black bears a measure of responsibility for the injuries he sustained.  The cyclist, according to the defendant, neglected to display adequate lights during the hours of darkness, had been riding at too high a rate of speed, and failed to keep a proper lookout – all things that could reduce or even eliminate the amount of compensation to be made available to him.

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