Teenager injured in floor collapse, may make accident claim

When Leah Frederick went out for a bite to eat on her birthday, she didn’t expect to end up being rushed to the hospital after being caught in the collapsing floor of a local takeaway pizza shop in St Helens, accident claim experts writing for the local newspaper recently reported.

An article appearing in the St Helens Star recounted the story of the teen, who suffered injuries to her arm and leg after falling through the shop’s floor while out with friends celebrating her eighteenth birthday.  Personal injury compensation experts say that Ms Frederick had been walking across the floor of Carlos Pizza, located on Westfield Stret in St Helens town centre, when the floor opened beneath her feet, sending her plummeting down nearly two metres where she came to rest on the shop’s cellar floor.

The stricken teen was rescued by emergency services, which then rushed her to hospital in order to be treated amidst fears of suffering fractures to her spine, as the young woman found she was immobile upon being caught in the collapse.  However, Ms Fredericks only suffered extensive and painful swelling and bruising and ultimately emerged without any broken bones.

An investigation has been launched by St Helens Council into the incident in order to determine what caused the floor of the takeaway shop to collapse.  The local authority is currently waiting for the structural report’s findings before taking any legal action, but Ms Frederick has reportedly sought out legal advice for the incident, indicating that she may be making personal injury claims against the pizza shop’s owners.

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