Network Rail to face accident claim for slip and trip injury

Network Rail will soon be facing an accident claim made against them by one London woman for the slip and trip injury she suffered at Edmonton Green Station.

Personal injury compensation experts writing for the Enfield Independent newspaper say that Joyce Bell, an 82 year old resident of Exeter Road in Edmonton, slipped and fell as she was tried to board a train at the station.  Mrs Bell fell between the platform and the stationary vehicle, according to an interview appearing in the newspaper, where the elderly woman claimed that it had been a struggle for her to board the train because of the height difference between it and the platform.

According to the terrified woman’s personal injury claims, Mrs Bell had become trapped within the gap, with the pensioner only being rescued once a train passenger became alerted to her distress and took steps to extricate her from where she had become lodged between train and platform.  The rail authority is now facing a compensation claim from Mrs Bell after negotiations for an out of court settlement recently fell through.

One Network Rail spokesperson commented on the case, remarking that work on the line had recently been carried out in order to facilitate freight trains to reach the city centre.  Station gaps remained within limits deemed to be acceptable by the rail authority, the spokesperson added.

However, it is Mrs Bell’s position that the first priority of Network Rail should be the safety of its passengers.  The elderly pensioner added that station staff had informed her that there had been numerous complaints made regarding the issue, as well.

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